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Water filters to ensure clean drinking water in the case of an emergency. Previously these water filters were only available in countries which have already experienced a disaster or loss of infrastructure.

Unfortunately we live in an age where rampant global agendas and the next manufactured 'crisis' (e.g Cyber Pandemic) could turn previously comfortable living conditions into a desperate situation for people with limited survival skills so now the water filters are available to people who are planning for a potential disaster.

Both versions of the Grifaid water filters differ from commercially available personal filters used by hikers, bushcrafters and individual campers since they offer a real long term solution to safe drinking water for families, small groups and even whole communities.
They contain no ceramic cartridges or expensive replaceable parts, will function daily for years and automatically clean themselves during normal use.
The Family Water Filter will produce up to 120 litres (31.58 US gallons) of safe drinking water per hour.
The Community Water Filter will produce up to 300 litres (78.95 US gallons) of safe drinking water per hour.

Perfect for off-grid living, disaster planning and camper van / caravan owners.

*Community filter coming very soon*