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Natural products to make water suitable for South American and Asian fish (fish which require pH around 6.5 trace elements associated with their natural habitat). They also aid plant growth.
Creating good water conditions is essential for delicate species and for breeding success. That starts with great filtration (which results in reduction of ammonia, nitrite AND nitrate) but conditions can be enhanced further with peat, almond leaves and alder cones which release tannins and essential trace elements into the water.
All the natural products may stain the water a yellow / brown colour but this can be removed with carbon. Most people will not want to remove the colour as it makes for a better example of a natural 'blackwater' tank.
Note 1: None of these products are suitable for Marine / Brackish tanks or lake Malawi / Tanganyikan cichlid tanks as the conditions for those tanks need to be high pH (8+) with highly mineralised water.
Note 2: Avoid using chemical treatments such as Purigen as it will draw in all goodness from alder cones, peat and almond leaves and prevent any beneficial effects.