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Biorb 60 litre Upgrade Kit
Biorb 60 litre Upgrade Kit Biorb 60 litre Upgrade Kit Biorb 60 litre Upgrade Kit Biorb 60 litre Upgrade Kit

Biorb 60 litre Upgrade Kit


Upgrade kit for 60 litre Biorb
Kit to upgrade your biorb. This kit contains foams and biogravel media to convert the biorb into a super-efficient environment capable of supporting life and keeping tankmates happy - something the standard orb is woefully incapable of due to the tiny standard foam filter.
Full instructions and gel filter starter balls are included.
Once the media is mature it will reduce ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.
Check the video section on this site for the biorb video.
​Foam colour may vary.
This kit comes with 3.5kg Biogravel, coarse and medium density foams, fine pad and gel filter starter balls.

The gel filter starter balls should be added in with media - most people put them on top of foams then cover with biogravel. They will slowly dissolve and seed the media (biogravel) with beneficial bacteria.

The tank base should ideally be cleaned once a week to remove uneaten fish food and waste - if you use a gravel cleaner it will remove waste from base of tank and upper foam and it will also remove some water from the tank allowing for a partial water change. Even when a full cycle (0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate) is achieved weekly maintenance is essential to keep the tank clean and healthy.
Use cleaning pads for acrylic (not glass) tanks when cleaning the inside of biorbs to avoid scratching.

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Michael Rowbotham Barnsley   5 Stars


I first did a review about 2 years plus ago before covid as I bought a 60 ltr. BiOrb round tank but it was said the filtration was very very poor ,so I did some research and saw the BiOrb upgrade on YouTube.So I bought the tank upgrade media and have never looked back it’s brilliant stuff I have never bought anything just part change the water every three weeks and test it. Thank you M.R.R.

Reviewer: R Carolan Powys   5 Stars

Biorb 60L upgrade kit.

I have only just purchased the upgrade kit and set up the biorb. So far so good.

I wanted to post this early review to say that I was highly impressed with The high standard of Richard's customer service. I inadvertently ordered the wrong product which came without instructions and templates for the biorb 60l. I phoned and spoke to Richard and he posted the instructions and templates that day and I recieved them the following day!

Since then I've had occasion to pick Richard's brain on a couple of occasions and he has been very helpful and knowledgeable and always pleased to help.

I'll post a review once the system has been up and running for a few months.

Reviewer: Joshua Gray Sheffield   5 Stars

18 months later

Bought this upgrade kit about 18 months ago, and it has been the best thing I've purchased for the biorb,

I power the undergravel filter with a powerhead to increase the flow around the tank.

Since upgrading the water is crystal clear and all the fish are doing great.

The tank doesn't really need much care since about the 1 year mark very minimal water changes maybe 10 litre every 4/5 weeks. This is usually due to the tank been orange from a piece of drift wood

All water parameters test perfect.

Would recommend to anyone using a biorb.

Reviewer: Mick Rowbotham Sheffield   5 Stars

BIORB Halo 60ltr. TANK

I kept fish years ago and now retired and down sized .Me wife saw these tanks what look nice. ,So I went on the internet to see if anyone as done a upgrade to the filtration of this tank .AS a friend as got one of these tanks but the substaite is rubbish and so is the small filter is expensive.I ordered the upgrade kit and set it up as Richard described and also throw away the bit of charcoal and shells ,put new biohome in the filter plus very fine sponge in .After about 4 weeks everything settled down and it’s fabulous I’m more than pleased its brilliant thanks again Mick Rowbotham

Reviewer: Sebastian Ciesluk    5 Stars

So good customer approach .

Amazing approach to customer and willingness to hepl.

Please shop with confidence.

The product shiped on time very quick.

Decent staff!!

Many thanks

Reviewer: Simon Little Newport, South Wales, UK   4 Stars

I was about to sell my 60 litre biorb. I was at my wits end.

It took over 2 months to cycle correctly but left me with an algae problem that was impossible to eradicate. Water was never completely clean, and even after a full water change, it would be cloudy in a matter of days and I was practically starving my fish to keep the levels under control.

In contrast my 15 litre biorb chugs along without problems using the standard media. Clearly indicating the variables and performance inconsistency of the biorb system.

After installing the biogravel filter, the water is now crystal clear and the fish now active and their colours vibrant, which is not a bonus I expected.

Really pleased, and this would be 5 stars, but for this price the templates should be better or the foam pre-cut.

Reviewer: Stewart Birmingham   5 Stars

I installed the Biorb upgrade kit just over a year ago into my Biorb 105 and have had no water quality problems since. With the standard media I would need to do one third water changes 2-3 times a month to keep the levels right.

Since installing this media and letting everything get working I have had no fish deaths and no random tank cycling. All the nitrates, nitrites and other toxins stay at trace levels or very low if measurable. I now have a low maintenance Birob that takes a small water change and a filter rinse/clean once a month .

Thanks FilterPro!