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Biorb 30 litre Upgrade Kit
Biorb 30 litre Upgrade Kit Biorb 30 litre Upgrade Kit Biorb 30 litre Upgrade Kit Biorb 30 litre Upgrade Kit

Biorb 30 litre Upgrade Kit


Upgrade kit for 30 litre Biorb
Kit to upgrade your biorb. This kit contains foams and biogravel media to convert the biorb into a super-efficient evironment capable of supporting life and keeping tankmates happy - something the standard orb is woefully incabable of due to the tiny standard foam filter.
Full instructions and gel filter starter balls are included.
Once the media is mature it will reduce ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.
Check the video section on this site for the biorb video.
​Foam colour may vary.
*From March 5th 2016 this kit comes with 2kg Biogravel as the new foams in kit have a deeper profile cut.

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: S Munro Scotland   5 Stars
After seeing the video for this on youtube i decided to give it a try as it couldn't be any worse than what you get with the biorb anyway. It has not disappointed. The biorb looks more like a proper tank with gravel now and after six months my levels are constantly perfect. The bacteria works better than liquid stuff and sped up my cycle. Also i got rid of the pump that comes with the biorb and got a 240lph pump so its filtering at eight times the volume for my 30l. I also put a layer of filter floss in the bottom of the cartridge as thats the last layer before the water gets filtered back in to the tank. Water is crystal clear and i only clean my filter foams once every three months. Nitrates generally sit between 5-20 ppm depending on when i do a water change. This is all with my tank overstocked with eight neon tetras, 1 lyretail killi and 3 peacock gobys.

Reviewer: David South Wales   5 Stars
Great kit for any Biorb owners! Instructions simple to follow, water is super clear Hardly any maintence required, plenty of fine foam left... Fully recommended!