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Suitable for freshwater and marine (optimized for freshwater)

Biohome ultimate is most suitable for canister filters, overhead filters, large HOB and small shower / trickle filters. It is essentially the Mini Ultra with added trace elements to increase bacteria performance and has a porosity of over 50%. You can check out the extreme porosity of the Ultimate yourself by touching just the tip of a piece media to the surface of some water. You’ll be amazed at how fast the water is drawn up the entire length.

As the name suggests Biohome Ultimate is the pinnacle of filter media design and strikes a perfect balance of size, strength, surface area accessibility and specific trace elements which ensure that it will outperform every other filter media for the removal of ammonia, nitrite AND nitrate

Biohome Ultimate is made from industrial grade material to ensure a long working life. Long working life and reliability are hallmarks of all Biohome products.

Biohome Ultimate allows both nitrifying (aerobic) and denitrifying (anaerobic) bacteria to grow on and through it’s unique structure.

Trace elements added include: Titania, Alumina, Ferric Oxide, Lime, Magnesia, Potash, Soda, Phosphorus Pentoxide, Chromium Sesquioxide, Manganic Oxide, Zirconia, Hafnia, Zinc Oxide, Barium Oxide, Strontia, Stannic Oxide, Sulphur Trioxide.

The trace elements are fused into the structure of this media and are there to enhance bacterial processes only, not to alter water chemistry.

Biohome Ultimate is an efficient biological filter media and good mechanical filtration must be provided to insure the water passing through it does not contain any debris that might clog it and reduce efficiency. It allows both nitrifying (aerobic) bacteria for reduction in ammonia and nitrite and denitrifying (anaerobic) bacteria for reduction in nitrate to grow on and through it’s unique structure.

This media is sold by the kilogram. 1 kilogram of media is approximately equal to approx. 1.25 cubic litre.

For best nitrate reduction use approx. 1kg per 100 litres of aquarium water for a normally stocked tank. Heavily stocked systems can take between 1.5kg - 2kg per 100 litres to achieve full cycle filtration (reduction in nitrate).

As all Biohome media is inert it allows you to raise or lower the pH to suit certain fish species without having a buffering effect.

Free gel filter starter balls are shipped with every order - simply add them in with the media in your filter and they will slowly dissolve, helping to seed the filter naturally and very effectively with live bacteria.

Check the Q&A page for more information and please contact us if you have any further questions. 

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Lee Johnson St helens   5 Stars


This guy is unreal..!!!!

There are So many people online giving advice and lots of them make sense but i always seem to have more questions than answers after watching 99.9% of these videos.

Simple instructions,

Honest opinions (not always positive),

You can just tell this guy has a great knowledge of marine life.

Thanks a bunch pal

Lee johnson

5kg biohome ultimate

Rena xp4!

Not the best filter, would you agree if i swapped for the aps 2000-EF?

Thanks again

Reviewer: Mark Pooley Cambridgeshire    5 Stars

Biohome ultimate

I brought a juwel rio 350 4 months ago I got the tank cycled and kept taking water samples to my local aquarium shop which is a very good shop and I was told I was ready to add fish after 2 weeks and slowly introduced them but after spending alot of money of various chemicals and products for the filters including a extra new jbl canister filter my no2 levels kept creeping up I done everything I was adviced to do including regular water changes loads of chemicals and cut the feeding down to a minium but the no2 got very high for 2 weeks after watching various videos of filter Pro on you tube I decided to contact him and had a good chat with him he's a very nice and knowledgeable guy and orderd 5 kgs of biohome ultimate media iv replaced all my old sponges and media over the last 2 weeks and not spent any more money on chemicals since now when I do my water checks everything's wear it should be and I'm feeding my fish regular the tanks come on leaps and bounds very good product I also got 2 sets of the corse medium and fine sponges which iv cut to size and put in my juwel filter and my external filter which has lead to less water changes and a easier tank to maintain

Reviewer: Ronald Jackson rainham essex   5 Stars


not used yet but very happy will shop againg

Reviewer: Ian West Yorkshire   5 Stars

Love this stuff totally amazing and worth the bit extra it costs :-)

Also love the videos cheers :-)