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Biohome Shower (10kg)


Suitable for freshwater and marine use

Suitable for shower filters and large sumps.

Biohome Shower media is a revolutionary product which is totally different from the familiar brittle ceramic tubes which are commonly sold as shower media.
It is incredibly hard wearing as we use a higher proportion of powdered glass to fuse the various sizes of sand particles together - this allows the media to tolerate a very high flow with no wear, even after years of use.

The porosity has not been compromised and it maintains a constant porosity of approx. 42% all of which is accessible to bacteria - that is totally different from the traditional ceramic shower media flooding the market from China as that is a very basic ceramic powder mix which develops bubbles during kiln firing and has much less accessible internal structure than Biohome media.
It will not increase pH, is incredibly crush resistant and has a very high packing density making it an excellent choice for pond shower / trickle filters even if you currently use a different media as the Biohome Shower media will simply fit in around it to boost the filter performance.

Like all Biohome media it has an excellent internal structure which is perfectly suited to the support of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria for full cycle filtration (reduction in nitrate). 

This media is sold by the kilogram. 1 kilogram of media is approximately equal to 0.9 cubic litres.

For best nitrate reduction use approx. 1kg per 150 - 200 litres pond water.

Check the Q&A page for more information and please contact us if you have any further questions. 

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Sidney MacMillan Morfa Nefyn North Wales    5 Stars

Excellent service and advice

I phoned Richard out of the blue to ask his advice re incorporating a shower filter with my regular filter, he came up with some suggestions and at no time was any product etc mentioned, you can tell the man knows what he’s on about. I have since ordered some media and had an issue with the delivery in particular UPS, emailed him and Richard went to town although it wasn’t his problem, that’s service, can’t comment on the shower media as only been in op.for a few days but the mechanics are working many thanks mate.

Reviewer: Jim Shallcross Newcastle under Lyme Staffs   5 Stars

A right good bloke

have only just started fish keeping and unfortunately there are many people out there will sell you any crap just to make a sale this man is not one of those good honest advice with a top notch product.