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Almond Leaves (50)


50 Almond leaves (Terminalia Catappa)
Almond leaves are sourced from S.E. Asia and are excellent for water conditioning.
Most famously used for Betta and Gourami tanks as they have a mild anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefit.
They are also excellent for breeders of South American Cichlids, Killifish and African river fish as all those species prefer soft water with a pH around 6.5.
Rams and Apisogramma species of dwarf cichlids will often spawn directly onto leaves and eggs laid on the leaves will generally have much better hatch rates due to the natural anti-fungal properties of the leaf.
Each leaf will release goodness into the water for approx. 2 weeks so can be swapped out after that time.
If you have dwarf shrimps in the tank they will love feeding on the leaves so leaves can stay in shrimp tanks for 3-4 weeks.
Note: Avoid using chemical treatments such as Purigen as it will draw in all goodness from alder cones, peat and almond leaves and prevent any beneficial effects.

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