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Alder Cones

120-150 Alder Cones
Alder cones are harvested from the European Black Alder tree (Alnus glutinosa) from December - March and are used to condition water making it suitable for South American, Asian and some African species of fish.
When added to the water the cones will release tannins and other trace elements which improve water condition, fish condition and also benefit plants.
They have a mild anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefit so are commonly used by breeders of dwarf cichlids, killifish and poison dart frogs to recreate natural 'blackwater' conditions in breeding pools.
Cones will release goodness for approx. 3-4 weeks.
Amount needed to lower pH and create blackwater conditions is not an exact science as each cone will have more / less concentration of trace elements but rough guide is:
For background anti-fungal and anti- bacterial effect in tank use 1 average cone per 4.5 litres.
For breeding containers with harvested eggs from blackwater species use 1 average cone per 250ml.
Note: Avoid using chemical treatments such as Purigen as it will draw in all goodness from alder cones and prevent any beneficial effects.

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Reviewer: Michael weirich Aylesbury   5 Stars
Fantastic product from filter pro! When he recommends a product you listen and I'm glad I did! Very good value compared to other less quality alder cones. Thanks very much